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Various models of TV's serviced


Read what our customers have to say!
Had a 60” LCD that I had for some time and just went out on me. The plan was to just go buy a new one but a friend had told me about this place so I gave it a shot. I went it and they told me it would be a few days, but that it should be repairable. 1 day later it was fixed and the price WAY better than going to spend thousands on a new one.
Much appreciated Condor!

Ty, Elk Grove Village, II
March 3, 2018
Samsung LCD TV Repair
Straight Shooters Masters of Their Trade, Fair Prices. Not to many TV repair shops left , glad/luck to have Condor TV Repair close to home.
Bernard, Melrose Park, IL
November 13, 2017
Samsung Plasma TV Repair

Great place. Family run. Brought in a 2-year old Samsung 48 inch TV (the picture went out). Originally thought I would have to scrap it because the cost to repair might be too much verses a new TV. They fixed my set within a few days, at a cost that was much lower than what I was anticipating.

Straight forward, work done as promised. Definitely worth it, and the best is the set is back up on the wall like nothing ever happened.

Will return if the need arises and great to find a good local repair shop.
Javier, Lombard, IL
October 11, 2017
Samsung LED TV Repair

I took my 60" Samsung LED to Condor TV Repair because there was sound but no picture. They called me the next day with an estimate and time frame for completion. The guy carried the TV out to the car for me and has been working great! Thanks Condor!

Tony, Bensenville, IL
July 29, 2017

Samsung LED TV Repair

GREAT PLACE !.....My T.V. quit working on Friday night and it was back up and running on Saturday afternoon , you can't find T.V. guys like this anymore .I had to drive a ways to get to them but it was worth it . They diagnosed and fixed it while I waited and watched the whole operation . Very knowledgeable,honest techs here at a reasonable price ,you can't beat it !

Ray, Prospect Heights, IL
May 18, 2017
Toshiba LED TV Repair

I brought in a LG LED that had sound but no picture. There was a $20 diagnostic fee that they applied towards the repair. Received a call the next day with the an estimate and time frame for the repair. TV was fixed and is working great. Thanks Condor TV Repair for the fast and affordable TV Repair.

Julie, Elk Grove Village, IL
April 20, 2017
LG LED TV Repair

Love the service provided. Customer service was excellent and my LG Plasma TV was repaired in a prompt time. Condor TV Repair made me feel welcomed. Thank you again for your excellent service.

Tony, Melrose Park, IL
February 6, 2017
LG Plasma TV Repair

I took my 52 inch Panasonic Plasma TV to another place that wanted a lot more money and needed almost a month to fix it. Almost decided to give up, but took it to Condor TV Repair and he fixed it for a couple hundred less and in five days. Great place, great service, great value.

Linda, Hinsdale, IL
January 2, 2017
Panasonic Plasma TV Repair

The folks are friendly and you get also get an old fashioned thing....Great Service. Have had a few things repaired there over last few years, TV, Stereo's, and it's always the same, honest, good pricing, and care. Highly recommended. Wish they were in NYC now with us.

Brian, Schaumburg, IL
July 7, 2016
Samsung Plasma TV Repair

I had my 50" Samsung plasma TV picked up from my house by Condor TV and taken to their shop for repair. The TV was not turning on properly, and was going to a unwatchable static-filled screen within minutes. The TV would then cycle on and off repeatedly. Within a week, I received a call from Condor informing me that the TV was repaired (a board was replaced). They informed me that they tested the TV for a number of hours and that it was working fine. Condor TV then returned the TV to my house and reinstalled it on its stand. The entire process was simple and seamless. The price of the entire repair was very reasonable. If you live anywhere in the greater Chicago area, and you need a large screen TV repaired, I would highly recommend that you call Condor TV.

Pat, Willowbrook, IL
June 3, 2016
Vizio LED TV Repair

Stopped in to get a flat screen TV fixed that would not turn on. It turned out to be the power adapter that had been fried. The owner gave me a replacement adapter & charged me a flat $20. Simple, quick fix for an HDTV I thought I would need to scrap. Great and quick service by a friendly owner!
Adil, Palatine, IL
April 6, 2016
Samsung Plasma TV Repair

Replaced a bad component on my TV fast and TV works perfect, great price...Thank you Condor I'll be back for in the future!

Paul McDowell
March 7, 2016
Samsung LED TV Repair

Took my 2007 Philips TV into be repaired and without fault they were able to diagnosis the problem repair it in a week and at a very reasonable price I might add. Overall, a great experience. Very friendly and courteous staff. A great experience all around and highly affordable. More so than purchasing a new TV. All this with a warranty! Excellent TV service.

Chris, Wheaton, IL
February 23, 2016
Philips LCD TV Repair

Took my 42 inch TV for repair, they ordered parts and turns out that is was not repairable, they are a stand up business, they have repaired other TV s for me before. They absorbed the parts they ordered, they replaced the TV with a better TV and a very reasonable price. Thank you Condor TV Repair, you guys are great.

Refugio, Chicago, IL
Samsung LED TV Repair
January 29, 2016

Took my 46" Samsung TV there for repair, a repair that the extended warranty company deemed to great for the value of the TV, and got it fixed for a fraction of their estimate. Dropped it off on a Saturday at 11 am, got a call about the status mid day Monday and was able to pick it up Monday night. Great service.

Thanks again, Lou

Lou, Glendale Heights, IL
January 6, 2016
Samsung LCD HDTV Repair

We have a 50" Samsung HDTV that would not turn on. I did some internet research for TV Repair and saw Condor's site. I called Condor TV Repair at 9:30 am and described the problem over the phone. I asked if someone was available for a service call the same day. I was told that the owner would need to talk to his technician and he would call me back. I received a return call about 15 minutes later stating that the technician was on his way. The technician arrived around 10:30 am. He was very courteous and explained every step that he was doing (I unfortunately did not get his name). He diagnosed the problem as the power module. He tried to fix the problem, but was unable to. He said that he would take the power board to the shop and repair it and come back later in the day. Sure enough, he returned later in the day and the power module was repaired.

We thanked him for his service and the fact that he was able to repair the problem and make two trips to our home the same day. He stated that he realized that my wife was pretty much disabled and confined to the couch and that TV was really the only thing she has during the day, so he wanted to make sure that it was available to her.

That truly is CUSTOMER SERVICE at it's BEST!

You can bet that I will use Condor TV Repair again and I will recommend them to anyone looking for television repair.

Laura, Villa Park, IL
August 24, 2015
Samsung Plasma HDTV Repair

We've had our 50" Samsung Plasma HDTV for almost 10 years now and when it stopped working, we weren't ready to part with it, nor spend a large chunk of cash to replace it. So my husband and I went online to find out if TV Repairs were still a thing. We found Condor TV Repair and gave them a call. Our issue seemed to be a repairable one and they gave us a quote and an appointment for the next day. The technician called when he was on his way, was on time, and very respectable. He did not have the part that was required and needed to take our TV to their shop to repair. It was repaired AND returned to us within 2 hours!! Plus, even though they could have charged more for having to remove the TV and repair it at the shop, they honored the quote they gave us. Very reasonable prices. Curteous and Prompt Service.

Frank, Lombard, IL
April 8, 2015
Samsung LCD HDTV Repair

We had an excellent experience with Condor TV repair. I dropped off my two televisions because they both refused to turn on. Although I wasn't able to pick it up until about a week later because parts had to be ordered, the work was done very well. The owner was also very diligent about calling me when he had updates on when the parts would arrive along with the cost of each individual TV's repair. Not only was the service done well, but both the owner and his son on separate occasions helped me carry the TVs to and from the car! Highly recommended!

Julia, Wheaton, IL
March 1, 2015
LG Plasma & Vizio LED HDTV Repair

EXCELLENT! Now a days it is rare to find a business with good let alone excellent customer service.

Family owned business, very friendly, and quick! I am definitely telling everyone I know if they need their TV fixed to go to Condor TV.

I was going to buy a new TV this last weekend because my Samsung would only turn on after the TV made a clicking noise 20-30 times. I asked a few people and they said its not worth it to get it fixed. I thought what the heck, I would search the internet about the problem and there was a solution but it was something I could not do. I searched for a TV repair shop but I did not have much to go on but I found a few. I started reading the reviews and decided to call Condor TV. They were very friendly and said if I brought the TV in, I could get it back the same day! AWESOME!

Take the chance and call about getting your TV repaired, it could save you hundreds of dollars - GET IT DONE at CONDOR TV REPAIR!

Steve, Schaumburg, IL
February 3, 2015
Samsung Plasma HDTV Repair

Very good experience with my Condor TV repair. I called at 12:00 and dropped of my Vizio TV to repair a backlight at 1:00. I was able to pickup my fully repaired TV by 4:45 all in the same day. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. Thanks again!

Jason, Westchester, IL
January 20, 2015
Vizio LCD HDTV Repair

Very good experience with my Vizio TV repair. I called at 12:00 and dropped of my TV to repair a backlight at 1:00. I was able to pickup my fully repaired Vizio TV by 4:45 all in the same day. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. Thanks again!

These guys are awesome.

We had Condor come out to our home, he managed to get here right on time even though the weather has been insane the last few days and he immediately fixed our 60 inch DLP Toshiba and returned it to a quality we have not seen produced from it in years.

He was extremely kind and respectful to my father and grandfather and was just an overall good guy and a pleasure to be around.

We will continue to frequent CONDOR TV for any of our TV issues and I hope this review gets others to do so too!

Aamir, Palatine, IL
January 9, 2015
Toshiba DLP TV Repair

Brought in my 32 inch Toshiba LCD in for repair because it would turn off randomly. I dropped it off on Monday at 10:00 a.m. and met with Abraham. He said he would give me a call within the next couple days and give me an estimate for repairs. The next day around noon, Abraham left me a voicemail notifying me that he looked at the TV and has a quote for me. I called back and spoke with Kyle and gave me a price. I gave him the go ahead and he said I can pick up after 1:30. I picked up the TV at 4:00 p.m. I gave them a perfect 5 stars because it was speedy service and a reasonable price. It's a good family owned business just trying to make honest money.

Justin, Des Plaines, IL
January 7, 2015
Toshiba LCD HDTV Repair

Took my 58" Samsung in to be repaired and they replaced the main board. Three weeks later I had the same problem (wouldn't turn on). I had to take it back in and they stood by their warranty and fixed it free of charge. They then delivered back to my house for me which was extremely helpful because it wouldn't fit into my car with my children's car seats. Overall I am very happy with their TV Repair service and would use them. .

Matthew, Oak Park, IL
December 1, 2014
Samsung Plasma HDTV Repair

Great service, and quick fix! My Samsung had trouble turning on for the last few weeks and was worried I'd have to buy a new TV. Brought the TV in to Condor, and they were able to fix it and my TV was back on my wall the very next day. I passed on some local TV repairman because of the great service I had heard at Condor. Glad I did and I would definitely go back in the future!

Todd, West Dundee, IL
November 2, 2014
Samsung Flat Screen TV Repair

My 1 1/2 yr old Sony TV remained black after turning it on. I called a few places and not only were their rates extremely high but I couldn't get anyone to come out for several days. I called Condor TV Repair and they came out the next morning. The service person was very nice, honest and informative. He diagnosed the problem quickly and took the TV back to the shop to be repaired. The necessary replacement part arrived the next morning and my Sony TV was back home in working order the next day. The owner was amazing. He was all about service and taking care of his customers. He even called me the next day to make sure everything was in working order. I've never received a follow-up call by a service company before. I would recommend Condor to anyone.

Leslee, Oak Park, IL
October 10, 2014
Sony LED TV Repair

Dropped my LG TV off yesterday at noon, received a call within 2 hrs explaining the problem and cost to repair. The TV was ready to go within a few hours. I will definitely refer all friends and family to this family business, I am very pleased with the TV service!

Bill, Glen Ellyn, IL
October 1, 2014
LG Plasma TV Repair

My 55" Sony LED TV was only 3 years old and fizzled out on me. I had almost thrown it out when I came across Condor TV repair. I explained the problem and they seemed confident it could be fixed. I took it in and within a few days, they had ordered the parts and made the repair. It works like new! This is a great family own business with very fair pricing and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Craig, Wheeling, IL
September 12, 2014
Sony LED TV Repair

They are a family owned business doing excellent work. They repaired my 50" LG TV perfectly. I Googled how to fix it, but i just wasn't comfortable. I dropped off my TV that would not turn on Thursday. They called me on Tuesday, back at my house that same day. The guy stayed late as I was coming from work. Zero complaints. I would highly recommend. Most people don't believe TVs can get fixed nowadays, just junk em and get a new one. But, if you have a nice TV, and want it back working for a fraction of the cost to replace it, I would use these guys.

Bruce, Western Springs, IL
September 1, 2014
LG Plasma TV Repair

Our Samsung plasma TV quit on us suddenly. I did a web search and found these guys close to where I work. I called them and they said I can drop the TV off and they will look at it. I dropped it off , the next day I got a call from them with their estimate. I agreed to have them go ahead and make the repair. One day later they called and told me the TV was ready. They were on their estimate, no extra charges. Quick service, friendly to do business with. I will use them again if I have to and recommend them to everyone.

John, Romeoville, IL
August 29, 2014
Samsung LCD TV Repair

Great place for TV repair! We called about our 50" Samsung as the picture kept going on and off. When we called, they predicted the problem over the phone and told us to come in first thing in the morning for the assessment. They called back by noon the same day and problem and price they quoted was what we got. Picked it up that afternoon. Brought it out to my car. Quick and easy and reliable. Would highly recommend for their prompt service, quality job, and reasonable price.

Darcy, Cook, IL
August 19, 2014
Samsung Plasma TV Repair

Brought our Samsung that had been taking 15+ min for weeks before to turn on until it eventually gave out. Gave it to them as a last attempt to keeping the TV before giving up on it and they gave it back fully functional! Great service, great price. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with the same/similar TV problem.

Alex, Villa Park, IL
August 4, 2014
Samsung LCD TV Repair

My LG TV wouldn't turn on after a storm. A friend's dad referred me to Condor TV Repair. Great friendly service and small family business! $20 to look at it and they applied that money to the cost of the TV repair. Brought it in on a Wednesday and picked it back up on Monday. Thanks for the fantastic service. I would definitely recommend Condor to friends and family!

Carrie, Elmhurst, IL
July 14, 2014
LG LCD TV Repair

Condor TV repair provides great service at a reasonable price. My 50” Panasonic Plasma TV had a 2” wide vertical black bar right in the center of the display. Now it’s working great. I had a previous estimate from another company that told me it could not be fixed.

Bill, Bloomingdale, IL
July 1, 2014
Panasonic Plasma TV Repair

Honest, Reliable, Quick service, and Professional.
They fixed the damaged HDMI ports on our Samsung TV when others said it could not be done and would cost $200 to replace. They can fix vacuum cleaners and virtually any other electronics at Great Prices. I am so glad I found them!

Lori, Hinsdale, IL
June 26, 2014
Samsung TV Repair

Had 2 plasma TV's fried out by lightning. Brought them in the morning and was diagnosed and fixed with new circuit boards by mid afternoon. Much cheaper and easier than replacing with new TV's. Excellent TV Repair service!

Mike, Palatine, IL
June 26, 2014
Panasonic TV Repair & Samsung TV Repair

Called this morning, 6/17/2014, about a TV repair. The owner told me to bring it in - his estimate was $75. Our son broke the coax input on the TV. A relatively easy fix, but not for someone who isn't familiar with television repairs. Around 3:30 pm on the same day I called back to check on the status of the TV Repair. I wasn't expecting it to be ready until the end of the week. I was told it would be ready in 15 minutes, and that it would cost just $75. I picked up and it's as good as new. Very nice staff, great prices. Great family owned business. Hope I don't have another TV that breaks but if I do, I'll be back. Thanks

Alex, Carol Stream, IL
June 17, 2014
Sceptre LCD TV Repair

I Was there a few days ago to repair my Philips TV which I was pretty sure was not going on turn on again. After attempting to call a few places for service I finally came upon this place, and I am SO happy I did. Not only were they knowledgeable, they were friendly and a family owned TV Repair company that is not looking to rip you off. They charged me $20 to look at my television which is much better than the other places I called and after they repaired the TV (in a very quick amount of time) that money went towards the bill. My television is fully functional and I am so happy I found this Gem!!!

S.F., Oakbrook, IL
June 2, 2014
Philips Plasma TV Repair

Excellent repair service! My Samsung 67in DLP TV stopped working.
They came out and tried to repair at house but had to take in to troubleshoot. Picked up TV the next day, made repair which was a bad circuit board, and brought back TV good as new. Also replaced bad fan which probably caused board failure. Condor will be the 1st place I call for TV repair but hopefully not for this TV!

Carl, Schaumburg, IL
May 22, 2014
Samsung DLP Repair

These guys are great! Took my 50'' Samsung Plasma TV that would not power up over to them, next day they called me that it was fixed! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of television repair!

Joe, Chicago, IL
May 21, 2014
Samsung Plasma TV Repair

Family owned and run businesses are very hard to come by these days. And I am very grateful that I happened across this one. I called Abt for quotes on fixing my Samsung TV that just "died." While I love Abt and shop there frequently, they were very expensive. There is no other place you should go but Condor TV Repair. I met both the owner and his son, and they were nothing but kind, honest, and trustworthy. Their prices are quite reasonable, and they stand behind their work. If you need TV repair and service, go no further than Condor Communications. You will not be disappointed in the least!

Hesham, Bloomindale, IL
April 18, 2014
Samsung LCD TV Repair

These guys were extremely polite, very informative, and knew what they were doing! Plus they were astonishingly affordable! Will definitely be going back to them for future TV repairs!!!

Ty, Schaumburg, IL
March 5, 2014
Samsung Plasma TV Repaired

I had an excellent experience with Condor TV Repair. I brought them my 10 year old Samsung DLP TV which was diagnosed and fixed in a matter of 1 day for a VERY reasonable price. They provided honest, polite, great customer service which seems to be lacking these days. I would highly recommend Condor TV Repair to anyone for repairs!

Mike, Elmhurst, IL
February 13, 2014

Samsung DLP TV Repaired

My husband found this place based on Google based on their reviews which are almost 5 stars. They offered an estimate on carry in items so we brought our LCD TV on a Saturday afternoon and received a call by Tuesday with a resolution. He then said the TV repair could even be done by later that afternoon for a reasonable price and 90 day guarantee. We weren't able to get there within their listed hours but the owner offered to stay until 5:15-5:30 for us which was very nice. He even carried the TV to the car for us. It's a family owned and ran business that I will continue to support for all my TV/Electronic repair needs.

Rosie, Lombard, IL
January 28, 2014

Vizio LED TV Repaired

You can trust this TV Repair company. There is an actual location with helpful people who know what they are doing. When our Samsung went out after 3 years, they replaced the control board literally within hours and for a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again in the future.

Jean, Arlington Heights, IL
January 27, 2014

Samsung LCD TV Repaired

I called Condor TV Repair when my 60 inch Samsung DLP TV went out. They gave me the cheapest TV repair quote and were quick to be of service. My Samsung TV was only gone for 2 days and when I got it back it I was satisfied with the results. Thank you guys!

Courtney, Villa Park, IL
January 3, 2014

Samsung DLP TV Repaired

This is the kind of business that we grew up with as my dad was had a TV repair business. This is a true small business/mom and pop shop. The folks here are very courteous and offered very prompt TV service and great communications. This business is highly recommended.

Ingrid, Elk Grove Village, IL
December 16, 2013

Panasonic Plasma TV Repaired

I contacted Condor for a TV repair on my 52" Sony TV LED. My TV was repaired in 2 days. They called me promptly to discuss the diagnosis and cost and repaired the following day. Very friendly and courteous. I highly recommend them!

Carrie, Bolingbrook, IL
December 9, 2013

Sony LED TV Repaired

I had Condor TV Repair service my 55 LCD LG TV. They were able to come to my home in Elk Grove Village. The professional that came to my home was helpful and very friendly. Condor TV Repair had the problem diagnosed after a few hours and the TV was fixed and returned to me by the next afternoon. I m glad I chose Condor TV Repair to handle my LG TV repair. I would recommend them and if necessary will use them in the future.

Tim, Elk Grove Village, IL
October 24, 2013

LG LCD TV Repaired

Searching for a TV repair place online in my area and called Condor, I can't believe I dropped off my Vizio 42' (VX42L) TV on Saturday morning and by that afternoon the problem was diagnosed and repaired ready for pickup that Monday. My television looks brand new and the price is reasonable as well. I'm a very satisfied customer, Thanks Condor Communications Ltd.

LaVonne, Maywood, IL
October 21, 2013

Vizio LCD TV Repaired

Condor TV repair diagnosed and fixed my Samsung LED TV quickly. They were very reasonable and very courteous. I would recommend them to anyone.

Alex, Wheaton, IL
October 1, 2013

Samsung LED TV Repaired

Staff provided a quick free TV repair quote and then completed the TV repair in two days. They explained the issue and actually showed me the parts that they replaced. I felt fairly treated and that I was not sold a bill of goods.

Jim, Hillside, IL
October 1, 2013

LG Plasma TV Repaired

I just want to thank the staff/technicians at Condor TV Repair. I brought our Sony Bravia 46" LCD HDTV for service about two weeks ago. Our Sony LCD started turning itself off after a few seconds. I'd reset to the factory setting but the problem continued until even the reset no longer worked. I investigated this problem on the internet and found it was fairly common complaint with Sony LCD HDTV. Further research led me to conclude this would be an expensive repair. As I reviewed Sony repair sites in Chicago area, I came across Condor TV Repair. Reviews were very positive. I called and learned their estimate of repair was about half of what I was on the internet with the same problem. I brought the TV into their shop and they replaced two boards for price I was quoted over the phone. My Sony is working fine again thanks to the guys at Condor TV Repair.

Fred, Elmhurst, IL
September 24, 2013

Sony LCD TV Repaired

We just wanted to let all the staff at Condor TV Repair know that we very much appreciated your persistence on the TV repair you made to our Mitsubishi DLP TV. Your work and and your commitment to customer satisfaction are highly recommended!!!

Dario, Elmhurst, IL
August 27, 2013

Mitsubishi DLP TV Repaired

This is a great family owned shop. My Samsung TV was diagnosed and fixed the next day and the price was reasonable. I will recommend this TV repair shop to everyone I know!!

Robyn, Addison, IL
August 5, 2013

Samsung LCD TV Repaired

Condor Communications in Elmhurst, IL is fantastic. They fixed my TV in less than two days. I have a 50" plasma that wouldn't turn on and it was making a ticking sound when i tried to power it on. I called Condor and they told me what the issue might have been and when I took it into the shop they inspected it for free. When they called me they told me it was what they told me on the phone, the power supply board and they even determined that my HDMI input was broken (which it was, but my less concern) and fixed it for a reasonable price. I am very satisfied, my TV plays better than before!!!

Deshaun, Hillside, IL
May 23, 2013

Philips LCD TV Repaired

I'm writing this review really late as I used condor's services quite a few months ago. But, better late than never!!! My kids broke my sisters TV and I found condor online. Hands down the best repair shop I have dealt with! Fast, reliable and trustworthy! I dropped off my broken TV on Monday morning and picked it up on Tuesday afternoon! I called many other shops and this was the only shop that answered all of my questions knowledgeably! No shady business practices, just clear info and definite results! The TV I picked up was better than the TV when purchased originally (purchased the TV used); they fixed something at no charge to me which made the picture on the screen much clearer than when I brought it in. I highly recommend this shop to anyone that wants fast, great results!! Thanks so much to the guys at Condor!

Ngwa, Chicago, IL

Vizio LCD TV Repaired

I called Condor back in January and told them about my TV not turning on and they told me they could help me out. I was real happy with how fast they fixed the problem and returned my TV. I called Back in March and told them that the same problem was happening again. They were very professional and stood by their warranty which made me very happy. I would recommend their services to anyone who has TV problems. Thanks!

Joseph, Elmhurst
March 12, 2013

Sony Plasma TV Repaired

I called Condor and they had the best quote for repairing my 55"TV. Not only were they the best price in town they also had a free estimate! Plus they had the repair finished in 1 day!!! Can't beat that.When I dropped off my TV they unloaded it for me and loaded it when it was ready for pick up,great service and will use them again if needed and highly recommend them!!!

Dennis, Bartlett, IL

Sony LCD TV Repaired

I called over to Condor TV Repair in September to get a FREE estimate on the repair cost of my 50 inch LG Plasma. It was turning on for about 4 seconds and then shutting off. I explained the problem. They asked several questions and asked to call back in about 15 minutes while they checked out possible issues and resolutions. They called back and said it could be one of three boards. Depending on which board, it would be between 150 and 350 to fix. I dropped the TV off and they did a further diagnostic (which was the main board) it would be 320 parts and labor. 2 - 3 days depending on the shipping time of the part. It was completed in that time span and was exactly 320. They saved me about 1K on a new TV. The TV came back completely clean, no scratches, no dents. Works perfectly now.

Great diagnostics. Great communication. Great service. Great care for an expensive item. I couldn't be happier with the results. I drove from the south side of Chicago to have these guys do the work and would do it again without even calling ahead for a quote. I know I'm going to get top notch support and service.

Thanks Condor!

Tom, Chicago, IL
LG Plasma TV Repaired

Thanks again Condor TV Repair for the quick turnaround on repairing my nearly new, but out of warranty 46" LCD flat panel TV (Sony Bravia KDL-46HX701). The TV is working great and everyone in my family can enjoy watching shows again. I was initially hesitant on taking my TV to Condor TV Repair, as I live by Fox Lake and wondered if the trip to Elmhurst would be worth it. I'm glad I did it, because the repair service was great and the staff at Condor courteous and friendly. In addition and the most important aspect, the repair was done on time and within the cost estimate agreed upon. The repair cost was significantly lower than purchasing a new TV with all the options of the TV I had for repair. Overall, it was a great experience and it is good to know I just found a reliable and honest electronics repair shop for future repairs. I will definitely recommend Condor to my friends and family for their future electronics repair needs.

Tim, Fox Lake, IL
March 11, 2012

Sony LCD TV Repaired

After contacting some Geek Squad type services and calling Sony directly, I felt as if I was getting the run around so I found Condor Communications on the Internet and called them. After explaining the problem I was having with my flat-screen TV (lines appearing randomly on the screen), Condor explained to me what my options were. I brought my TV to them that same day and they not only checked it for free, but also fixed it that same day. I was able to pick it back up later that same day. From start to finish, I found them to be knowledgeable, professional, pleasant, and very fast with a response and the work performed. The work was done very quickly and reasonably. I was extremely pleased with their service and the way they were so straight forward. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again should I ever need to. Simply put, I think they did an excellent job!

Greg, Villa Park, IL

Sony LCD TV Repaired

We were really impressed with Condor's ability to estimate and remedy a problem with our big screen Samsung Projection TV which was humming loudly due to the color wheel being broken. Condor rep (Kyle) and service technician were able to expedite the call, estimate the cost accurately and fairly, they were polite, professional and quick. They were in and out of our house in 30 minutes. They appear to be "up to date" and knowledgeable on all the latest technology with TV and home theatre systems. We would not hesitate to use them again for any technology needs and trust their service ability. As a family owned business, we believe they put the "customer service" back into practice vs. a big store add on service. We would highly recommend Condor Communications in Elmhurst, IL.

Susan, Glen Ellyn, IL

Samsung DLP TV Repaired

I picked their name off the Internet - no prior experience with them. I am usually disappointed by service organizations but this company exceeded my expectations. The man answering my phone call was very nice and helpful and the technician that came to my house was friendly, very professional, and a very good TV repairman. My TV was repaired quickly at a fair price. I will use them again when the time comes and I will recommend them to friends. A great service company!

Mike, Schaumburg, IL

Panasonic Plasma TV Repaired

I had a problem with my 65" color HDTV made by Toshiba with DLP technology; after five years of service, it started to develop white dots and eventually the entire screen was filled with white tiny dots! I was looking for a good TV repair service shops and I found these guys. They immediately found the problem, came to my house and took TV back to their repair shop. They were very professional and got my TV fixed within the timeline that they promised. My TV is fixed and they did an excellent job with this repair work. I would use them again with my TV repair needs and highly recommend them.

Jim, Bolingbrook, IL

Toshiba DLP TV Repaired

Very, very good service. Within 1 hour of phoning our plasma tv was picked up, and delivered fixed, next day to our home. Very pleasant to speak to on the phone and the gentlemen who came out were very professional. I've only good things to say about this company - I'd recommend them to anyone, and intend to!

Samantha, Downers Grove, IL

Samsung DLP TV Repaired

It is hard sometimes to believe all reviews - wondering who wrote them. Well -- these reviews are obviously written by happy customers. This is a great company - very respectable. They do not charge for estimates - which right off the bat shows how reputable they are. There was a power surge that blew my tv - and I was worried I'd be told it cost too much to repair - might as well buy a new one. But they fixed it for a minimal price - which com-ed reimbursed me for. Very fast service - very nice to deal with - just straight forward, honest, hard work. Thank you condor! Someone to trust these days is so nice to find!

Patty, Oakbrook, IL

Mitsubishi DLP TV Repaired

I recommend Condor Comm because they repaired my TV as I waited. I had walked-in one day, for the first time, having called ahead. Their repair estimate was, in fact, the final total cost to me. I could tell that they had lots of experience dealing with TV repairs and also dealing with customers because of their honesty. I really feel like I got a good value with this company. My TV has worked fine since they repaired it, and they guaranteed their work, too. I like knowing that I have found an electronics repair shop that I can count on in the future. I never write reviews, but this review is my way of saying thanks again, to the honest and competent technican, who stopped what he was doing, and went to work on my precious TV.

Doug, Itasca, IL

Panasonic Plasma TV Repaired

Great, fast and quality service I am so happy with my choice of service provider for my plasma! They were out the same day, repaired within 24 hours and everything is great! Technicians were knowledgeable, courteous and clean! Definitely use Condor Communications for your repairs!

Kim, Lombard, IL

Samsung Plasma TV Repaired

Excellent Company and thankful our TV was fixable. We recently experienced a lightning strike at our home whereas our TV was affected. We found Condor to be extremely professional and they provided a very quick turnaround time. Was very impressed with this company.

Mary, Chicago, IL

Vizio LCD TV Repaired

Condor Communications LTD in Elmhurst, Our big screen tv went out one day and we called Condor and he talked me thru pulling out the inside unit and bringing it in. That saved me money and it wasn't too hard. He did a great job on the repair and now the tv is good as new. Great service and a great price. Would use again.

Kenn, Elmhurst, IL

Mitsubishi DLP TV Repaired

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